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Wild West's Raider TLC ~ "Raider"


Raider is now retired and spends most of her days lounging on our couch in the AC. While we are sad we will no longer have her puppies running around, she has been the foundation of this breeding program and produced dogs that we could not be more proud of; including our girls Roxy and Blitz! We are so grateful for Raider, not only because she has made a serious contribution to bettering this breed, but mainly for being our loving pet and member of our family!

 ~ ASDR and MASCA registered

 ~ Coat: Red Merle

 ~ Eye Color: (L) Amber (R) Blue

 ~ Height: 15.5 inches

 ~ Testing: HC- n/n, MDR1- n/n, PRA-prcd- n/n, OFA- elbows: normal, hips: excellent

 Raider as a Puppy
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