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What it means to own a Miniature Australian Shepherd...


"Give this dog a job, and they'll love it".

The Miniature Australian Shepherd (or Mini Aussie) is all of the loyalty, intelligence, athleticism, and beauty of a standard Aussie, but in a smaller package. The quote above is an excellent description of a Mini Aussie's temperament. They are extremely eager to please and love every minute they are able to. Whether you and your Aussie compete in agility or conformation, assist as a therapy or service dog, or simply learn a few new tricks at home, they will love you for it.


We have owned Aussies our entire lives, as our parents and grandparents did before us, so this breed is very near and dear to our hearts. Each Aussie we have had has a special place in our hearts and will always be there. Likewise, Mini Aussies are extremely loyal and attached to "their humans", so we insist that if you plan on owning one, you ensure that it is with you for life and not a temporary fix for wanting a puppy. They are nicknamed "velcro dogs", after all! 

We work extremely hard to ensure our dogs uphold the breed standard and better the breed in every way possible. We uphold the breed standard as stated by the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America. We also health test our breeding dogs to ensure they are only producing healthy, genetically sound puppies. All of our dogs are well socialized and raised around kids, cattle, other dogs, changing surroundings, and anywhere else they can go with us. We take our dogs with us everywhere we possibly can, and we wouldn't have it any other way. To learn more about the breed standard, health testing, temperaments, and colors of Aussies, follow the links below.

Breed Standard

The breed standard of Miniature Australian Shepherds is something we take very seriously and strive to uphold. Aussies are very well balanced, beautiful dogs and we want to keep them that way! Click the MASCA link below to read the breed standards.


MASCA breed standard:


One of the many amazing things about Aussies is their coloring. Red, blue, black, merle, tri; what does it all mean? Typically Aussies are classified as red merles, blue merles, red tris, or black tris. Tris are mostly solid red or black with some white on their chest, neck, legs, face, etc. and copper points on their cheeks, eyebrows, legs, rear, etc. (markings vary). Merles are "painted" looking and usually have red, white, and tan, and copper points (red merles) or black, white, and grey, and copper points (blue merles). Color patterns on Aussies vary greatly and many more color combinations are possible than these four, but these are the most typical and what the breed standard refers to.


Here at Wild West Mini Aussies we have all 4 of the "common" colors and markings. You can view our males' and females' pages and the descriptions will list what each one is classified as. To learn more about these colors and the other possibilities visit the website below.

Health Testing

We work to improve the breed from the inside and out. Like any breed of dog, there are certain disorders that Aussies have a higher chance of developing. Luckily, these problems are easily preventable with the proper testing. All of our Aussies are tested for HC, MDR1, and PRA-prcd, and x-rayed and examined for hip and elbow dysplasia. We only breed Aussies that will not pass on these disorders to offspring which makes for healthier puppies for you! Breeding only healthy, tested dogs can significantly improve the breed. We strongly urge you to only purchase Aussies who have been health tested and are either negative or recessive carriers; especially if you are going to breed- even if they are not from us!


Health testing companies we use are: Paw Print Genetics, Animal Genetics, OptigenGenomia, and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). You can click the name of each to visit their websites and learn what the tests are for.  


Aussies are the perfect balance between active and mellow. They are dogs that will go anywhere you want them to: hiking, swimming, jogging, driving, napping; you name it! They want to be where ever you are. They do require exercise and need to be played with daily; they will not be happy in a kennel sleeping all day and night. However, when you get home from a long day of work or school they will be more than happy to lounge on the couch with you or take a Sunday afternoon nap (they are pillow hogs, though!)

Aussies also love to learn and please. Working with them and teaching them new tricks, practicing agility, playing fetch, and working livestock are some of the favorite activities of our pack. They are incredibly smart dogs!! 


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